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Who Should Join Us?

  • Online dealers who prioritize quality and customer satisfaction
  • Dealers who are looking for products that provides lucrative profits
  • Students who look for SIDE INCOME
  • Housewives who need extra income to assist their family financially
  • Employees who want extra money to cover their monthly expenses
  • Workers who intend to ‘resign’ and venture into business at home while taking care of children.

Why Should You Join Us?

  • High profit margins: You will earn 15%-40% commission on all products sold (depending on the package);
  • High quality products: FOREST COLOUR use plant based and high-quality ingredients in all products
  • HQ support: FOREST COLOUR HQ has a great support system to help you start up your own business with us
  • Pick & mix: You can pick and mix any of FOREST COLOUR products to suit your own business needs (subject to availability)
  • Minimum membership fee: You will obtain a complete starter kit
  • No monthly purchase: There is no monthly maintenance meaning you do not have to buy products every month (buy only when you need). You just have to purchase minimum package to be entitled for the discount
  • Chance to attend Seminars and Courses on Marketing Techniques
  • HQ will practise strict price control. All levels are protected and any non-compliance with prescribed rates, will be dealt strictly.

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